Meetings & meeting minutes

Minutes of Der Sitzmark Ski Club Meeting – November 21, 2017

Holiday Valley – Dot Easter isn’t sure yet whether she can get a good deal with Holiday Valley this year and should know sometime in December if there will be a Holiday Valley trip.

Treasurer’s Report – Ron Sarver – 10/30/17:

Total Club Money                                      $5,916.42

Total Money in Treasury                           $4,516.42

Money Owed for Trips                               $1,400.00

Judy Neyer gave her WPSC report.  See notes below.

Ron Sarver reported that membership is going well.  Only five members get the Der Sitzmark Ski Club Newsletter mailed to them and approximately 163 get the newsletter by email..  We have around 300 club members.

Ron gave out our club’s logo patches and lanyards and discussed getting our ski club’s logo on various shirts.  Joe will check prices.

Joe will have discount ski coupons at our Christmas party.