Mary Ann Sarver-325 Saddlebrook Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044  Phone (724-939-3394) or 412-302-6007

New Trip Proposal to Costa Rica – See attached information sheet in this newsletter.

Discounts available until Dec. 31st.  Call for brochure and information.

TELLURIDE TRIP – March 4-1l.  Looking for one guy to fill a spot.  If you are thinking about the trip but haven’t committed, please do so ASAP.  Call Mary Ann at 724-939-3394  or 412-302-6007 for information as the flyer is not in this newsletter.

PRINCESS CRUISE TO PANAMAL CANAL – JAN 5TH, 2018.   We have eight members signed up for this cruise and there is still space for more.  Call Mary Ann at 724-939-3394 or 412-302-6007 for details.  This is a 15 day trip from Los Angeles to return home from Ft. Lauderdale.  Price is very good and airfares have been very low.  It may be too late, but call and I will check it out for you.