No 2018 Holiday Valley Trip

What Happened to the Holiday Valley Trip?

People have asked me if there will be a Holiday Valley Ski trip in 2018 or not. The answer is no and that is for many reasons. So, I thought I might share the reasons with those who were interested in joining us.

I don’t know if Holiday Valley always had group contract policy and it was not enforced for us or if the policy has changed. Now for Der Sitzmark to get reduced room rates and reduced ski lift tickets we have to book 10 or more rooms for the period of time we are there. About half of the folks who have joined us previously on the trip only want to ski for 3 days; drive up Sunday night and ski Monday – Wednesday. Last year a few people came mid-week to fill in some of those rooms and the resort allowed us to go a day or two without our 10 rooms being filled. The resort policy changed this year and they wanted us to sign a contract to fill all our rooms for the whole time we had booked.

Last year we only used 10 rooms at the beginning of the week. This year a few of the people who have usually joined us told me they couldn’t make it this time so I felt filling the rooms would be difficult.

So, I am not scheduling the trip this year and am planning to run it next year; planning to stay Sunday – Tuesday nights and ski Monday – Wednesday. I hope to reserve at least 10 rooms the last week in January 2019 so please put it on your schedule and plan to join us.

Dot Easter